Book Hoarding Featured Image

Book Hoarding: A Discussion on Too Many Books

> Happy Friday everyone! It’s almost the weekend and I could NOT be more excited! Yesterday was last day in New Jersey, and from now on I’ll be in my new place! It’s scary and sad and exciting all at once, but I couldn’t be happier about my situation! Of course, I’ll miss my multiple roommates, but I’m happy to…

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Blogging Tools

Blogging Tools I Can’t Live Without

Before I started A Reader’s Journey, I made sure to do my research. I thought it would be important to know and understand what I was getting into as a new blogger. I scoured the internet for any and all information on blogging, then catered all of that information to support my niche, book blogging. It took a lot of…

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Sunburn by Laura Lippman

Title: Sunburn Author: Laura Lippman Genre: Thriller Release Date: February 20, 2018 Obtained: Bound Galley from Publisher Publisher: William Morrow Synopsis (from book): “One is playing a long game. But which one? They meet at a local tavern in the small town of Belleville, Delaware. Polly is set on heading west. Adam says he’s also passing through. Yet she stays…

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How To Start a Book Blog

How To Start A Book Blog: Web Hosting

Hey all! Alyssa here, and I just wanted to write up a post on how to start a book blog. I’m still fairly new at this blogging thing, so I don’t think I have the most experience of anyone. But I remember when I was first starting out how difficult it was to find other bloggers in the book niche…

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Why Aren't Book Reviews Popular?

Why Aren’t Book Reviews Popular? A Discussion

Unfortunately, since I’ve been slowing down my reading quite a bit, I don’t have a book review written up for today. This will probably be the norm for at least the month of February. I’ll reserve my book reviews on Sunday and hopefully I’ll be able to keep up! But don’t fear: I have a plethora of awesome content coming…

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