The Identicals

The Identicals


Title: The Identicals

Author: Elin Hilderbrand
Year Published: 2017
Genre: Drama, Contemporary Fiction
Obtained: Public Library

Synopsis: Two twin sisters, Harper and Tabitha, split up after their parents’ divorce, one with their mother on Nantucket and the other with their father on Martha’s Vineyard, and the mistakes they make in their lives that affect both themselves, each other, and the people around them as they switch places.

When Elin Hilderbrand’s newest novel, The Identicals, debuted on June 13th, I added it to my list at the library. I was unfortunately put on a waiting list. Two months later, I finally got an email saying I could pick it up! I finally had the hottest beach read all to myself for two weeks! And, trust me, I didn’t need two weeks. It took me three days to read through it.

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