Why Aren’t Book Reviews Popular? A Discussion and a Poll

why aren't book reviews popular

Unfortunately, since I’ve been slowing down my reading quite a bit, I don’t have a book review written up for today. This will probably be the norm for at least the month of February. I’ll reserve my book reviews on Sunday and hopefully I’ll be able to keep up! But don’t fear: I have a plethora of awesome content coming your way soon! I’ve been working hard trying to come up with ideas on how to grow my audience and I’ve gotten some kick-ass stuff coming together! So be on the lookout for that soon!


Why Aren’t Book Reviews Popular?

Since there’s no book review today, I have a discussion question to ask: Why aren’t book reviews popular? My book reviews are probably the least popular blog posts on my site and I find that super strange. I created a book blog in order to post reviews and recommend books, yet my book reviews are my least popular posts! Don’t get me wrong, they have a steady flow of page views. But they’re the lowest page views of most of my posts.

Why do you think that is?? When I’m looking through my feed FULL of other book bloggers, I tend to gravitate towards the book reviews myself. Obviously, if it’s a book or author that I’ve NEVER heard of, I may skip one or two from time to time. But if it’s a book that has been on my radar for some time or it’s by an author I know, then I’ll make the time to at least look at the review post.

Obviously, we can find book reviews almost anywhere. They aren’t exclusive to only book blogs. From Amazon to Goodreads, there are a multitude of options when you’re looking up a book you want to read. But this shouldn’t take away from our book reviews.

A while back I posted about my book review process and HOW I PLAN AND WRITE MY BOOK REVIEWS. I’m a pretty fast writer and typist, so it doesn’t take me too long. But a lot of energy and brain power goes into my reviews that I want them to perform well!

Am I the only one who reads book reviews anymore??

I work hard to write quality book reviews for my readers. It takes a lot of effort to write, format and publish a book review on my blog. I request advance reader copies from publishers to showcase on my blog. Granted, I would read all of my books anyway regardless of whether or not I review them. But that’s not the point. So I want to hear from YOU. Why aren’t book reviews popular?? Leave me comments. Keep the discussion going. And vote in my Discussion Poll below!

Discussion Poll

Do you read book reviews by bloggers?

  • Yes! All the time! (86%, 6 Votes)
  • Only if I've heard of the book. (14%, 1 Votes)
  • Never. I hate reading book reviews. (0%, 0 Votes)
  • It depends on who wrote the review. (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 7

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29 thoughts on “Why Aren’t Book Reviews Popular? A Discussion and a Poll

  1. Oh, i don’t know. This is a weird one. I love reviews! I discovered a lot of books via blogs/reviews.
    As you said there are many reviews out there, even official ones in magazines and websites, written by actual reviewers that are paid to do it. Yet, sometimes i find reviews written by bloggers more personal. If i like the blogger, and we have similar taste in books, i will pay more attention to those reviews.

    I don’t always comment on review posts tho. Sometimes it’s a new book, and i don’t really have an opinion, or if i already read the book, i don’t necessarily go and write “yea me too”, but i do read them 🙂

  2. I feel similar to Norrie. Sometimes because I don’t know much about the book I can’t really comment but I do read the review and like it. If that review is really the one that pushes me over to buy/ select the book then I’ll let the blogger know that. Most times, if I do comment on a review post it’s because I read the book or plan to do so.
    And I’ve noticed the same thing on my blog, the review posts usually have the lowest interaction… although Book Blitiz promos seem to attract even less involvement.
    I’ll still post my reviews as I like writing them and some of my followers like reading them… plus some books I received in exchange for a review, so kinda have to do it 😉

    1. I agree as well. The lack of interest and interaction don’t deter me from writing book reviews. I know some of my family and friends who like getting recommendations from me always check out my reviews, so I know they’re getting read. Plus, like you said, when I receive review copies to review, it’s sort of a necessity. I’m just really curious as to why book reviews are my least popular posts.

  3. I have noticed the same pattern it’s very strange…The only reviews that get a lot of views are by YA books…all the others barely get any views…it’s really disheartening considering how long it takes to write a single review.

    1. I notice that about other bloggers as well. I’m not into Young Adult as much, but I’ve seen other bloggers write that their young adult book reviews get better views as opposed to any other genre. It seems crazy to me that no one is interested in reading reviews. I feel like that’s one of the main attractions of a book blog, you know?

    2. I totally agree with you here. YA books get a lot of press whereas I prefer reading nonfiction. I put a lot of hard work in my nonfiction reviews and next to no one reads it, which is disheartening. If/when I read YA, though, it’s crazy popular.

      – Caidyn

      1. I can see that. I’ve actually just recently started wanting to read nonfiction this past year, so I’m always looking for good nonfiction recommendations. I’ll be on the lookout for your nonfiction reviews!

        1. I already have a few up this year since that’s my bread and butter. Last year, I read a book called One Nation After Trump that was about empathy and trying to hear the other side rather than shaming them. If you want a good starting place, I recommend there.

          – Caidyn

  4. Personally, I try to read reviews. I don’t always get to read everything, but this year I’m doing my best to read more of what the people I follow post. I follow them for a reason, after all. I like their content. It’s just frustrating to put a lot of work into something and get no recognition, then when people put, like, one sentence for a very popular book they get a million likes.

    – Caidyn

    1. I can totally see that. I read The Revolution of Marina M last year and it was honestly my favorite book of the whole year. It was stunning! But I barely got any views on my book review and I feel like it was one of the lesser known releases last year. I put my heart and soul into that review, but it was worth it when the author got to see it and we talked about her book quite a bit!

      I’m also trying to read everyone I follow’s posts as well. It can get pretty crazy on certain days where everyone is posting, but I have tags saved for book reviews, memes and discussions. This way, I can filter what I want to read at a specific time!

      1. It’s always painful when you put a lot into something and no one pays attention. At least you were able to get in contact with the author and she wanted to talk about it. That’s always so cool.

        It can. For me, even if I just like it and read what I can, I feel like I’m at least trying to do my part and be a good follower, either on here or Instagram. Admittedly, Instagram is a whole lot easier!

        – Caidyn

  5. No, you’re not the only one who reads book reviews. I love reading them, whether I agree with them or not. I love hearing what people think about books that I have read, or am about to read. And I have found some amazing reads through other people’s reviews that I would otherwise have missed out on. 😎

    1. I’m really glad there are people out there who love to read book reviews. I feel like, when I write book reviews, you’re the type of person I’m writing them for. It’s even better when I’m especially passionate about a certain book I’m reviewing, since I’m sharing it with people like you who will appreciate it as much as I do! Thanks so much for your input!

  6. I missed the time frame in which I could vote in your poll, but I fall more along the lines of “only when I have heard of the book.” I also have some trouble getting traffic on my book reviews, so I revamped the way in which I present them. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized, I don’t mind so much that those posts don’t get a lot of traffic. They are honestly more for me, to get my thoughts out on specific topics or titles. And if you pause for a moment, book reviews are very specific. They highlight ONE book out of millions. Sometimes you have never heard of that author or title. Sometimes, you have heard TOO MUCH about a specific book so you feel alright to pass over yet another highlight. It is only natural that they are more likely to be passed up than a book tag or wrap up. I am absolutely guilty of that myself to be honest. But I am glad that I am not the only one who has noticed/thought about that lately.

    I am really looking forward to your new content! Your page is one of my favorites so I cannot wait to see what you have planned :]

    1. Thanks so much for commenting! Sorry about the poll. I thought I made it so it wouldn’t close! And I totally understand what you’re saying about book reviews. They can be very specific to the writer, and unless the book is insanely popular its very unlikely that it will get a lot of pageviews. I know this is something I’ve seen other bloggers complaining about in the past, and I notice it with my own Google Analytics.

      And thank you SO much for the compliment! I can’t wait to publish some of the cool stuff I’ve been up to recently! ❤️❤️❤️

  7. I love reading book reviews, that’s actually how I ended uo with a long tbr list, even If I don’t know the author I try to read the reviews and see if I like the book. I think your reviews are really great!

    1. Thanks I appreciate that! I always try and read as many reviews as possible, even if I’m not familiar with the book. But I can understand why non-bloggers tend to not read book reviews and prefer book lists and other content.

  8. I tend to avoid reviews unless I know for sure that the person posts spoiler free reviews. There has been several times I’ve read a review of a book I want to read and they spoiled it for me and I hate that. If I’ve already read the book then I will read the review.

    1. I hate when reviewers don’t let you know if there are spoilers! I try my best to include plot points that are already known from the book synopsis, but sometimes it’s difficult to not blurt stuff out!

      Thanks so much for your comment!

      1. Oh yeah I know how difficult it is not to blurt out everything. If people would specify if it’s spoiler free or not then I would know which ones I could read. There are several people’s reviews that I do read because I know their reviews are going to be spoiler free so I trust those reviewers not to spoil anything for me.

  9. I do enjoy reading reviews, but only, like the person above said, if they are spoiler free and don’t tell me every aspect of the plot. I want to know more how it made the reader feel and how much they enjoyed it and why and that is how I attempt to write my own reviews although I understand this is a non-traditional review. And I actually don’t bother reviewing/writing about books I didn’t like that much.

    1. I agree about spoiler free reviews. Whenever I write my reviews, I always make sure the only parts of the plot I’m giving away are already included in the book synopsis. I hate spoilers, so I hate giving away spoilers.

      And you brought up another interesting point: analytic vs emotional reviews. That’s a whole different debate, though lol. Thanks for your input!

    1. I don’t think it has much to do with hype either though. My most popular review is The Great Alone, which was just released, but it’s still lower than almost every other kind of post on my blog.

  10. It is tough to read all the reviews out there. We all have a limited amount of time to split up between reading and posting on our own blogs. I also tend to read series which takes a lot of time and if I like the author, then there is no review that will dissuade me from reading their latest novel. So, I may skip a review for a book I have already decided to read. But I have found gems from blogs like yours Alyssa, books I would not have found on my own 🙂

    1. That’s so great to hear! I definitely agree with you. We have so many blogs to read through as well as keeping up with our own, so it’s hard to always read every review that comes on our feed. I do the best I can to at least get important points from the review if I can’t read the whole thing. Thanks for your comment!

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