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POPSUGAR Reading Challenge #2: The 40 Books I Plan to Read in 2018

POPSUGAR Reading Challenge #2


Last week I posted my POPSUGAR Reading Challenge #1, where I discussed the first ten prompts in the reading challenge. Today I’m bringing up the next ten books on my list. I’ve never done a reading challenge before, and I love that the prompts from POPSUGAR are very easy to match to whatever book fits your needs, and I managed to squeeze in a lot of books that I’ve been looking forward to reading for a long time. Here’s to hoping I can fit them all in this year!

POPSUGAR Reading Challenge #2


A Book With a Female Author Who Uses a Male Pseudonym

Dead Ends

I’m not sure if this technically counts, but I’m making it work to fit my needs. I read Lie To Me by J.T. Ellison last year and loved it. So I picked up this book of short stories edited by her and wanted to fit this in somewhere. I’m not sure what the J.T. stands for in her name, but I know it can be considered ambiguous, so I’m making it work!


A Book with an LGBTQ+ Protagonist

Okay, so for this prompt I haven’t actually found a book yet. It’s not from lack of trying. I just can’t seem to find a book with an LGBTQ+ protagonist that isn’t in a Young Adult/Fantasy novel. I prefer to steer clear of these genres, so I was hoping for suggestions! Based on my reading preferences, can anyone recommend me a good novel I may like with an LGBTQ+ protagonist? Please let me know!

A Book That Is Also a Stage Play or Musical

A Streetcar Named Desire

This one was tough. I have a copy of A Streetcar Named Desire and The Glass Menagerie, but couldn’t decide between the two choices. I went with Streetcar because I just absolutely love the play, but I’m sure I’ll end up reading both of them since they’re both relatively short. Plus, Marlon Brando on the cover is something I can’t resist!


A Book By an Author of a Different Ethnicity Than You

The Hate U Give

The Hate U Give has been on my radar since it was released, and after I heard it was banned in some school district in Texas, I knew I had to get my hands on it. Hopefully my library has a copy, otherwise I’ll definitely shell out the money to buy it. It’s not a typical read for me, which I’m trying my best to explore different genres, and I’m excited to get started!


A Book About Feminism

The Great Alone

Again, I’m not sure if I’m stretching it, but The Great Alone is about a man who brings his wife and daughter to the Alaskan wilderness, only to lose it and leave the women to fend for themselves. I feel like this is pretty much the epitome of feminism, in that the men in our lives lead us to disaster and women end up making the best of it. I’ve already finished this book, and I loved every minute of it!


A Book About Mental Health

The Unremembered Girl

Another stretch, I’m sure, but The Unremembered Girl focuses on a family who is surviving on bootleg liquor in the woods. They have become the obsession of a young girl who was abandoned and left for dead in the woods. So, mental illness may not be such a stretch here. But I’m sure it’s not exactly what POPSUGAR had in mind when creating this prompt! I’m just trying to clear out the books in my Kindle that have been piling up for months.


A Book You Borrowed or That Was Given to You as a Gift

The Ghostwriter

I can’t WAIT to get to this book! I won a giveaway over at another blog, and this was the book I chose to receive. The Ghostwriter seems eerie and suspenseful, and that’s just what I look for in a good thriller! The book centers on a romance writer and her final story, which isn’t romance but a final confession of her life.


A Book by Two Authors

The Wife Between Us

The Wife Between Us was one of the most highly anticipated thrillers of January, maybe even of 2018! I grabbed this book from Book of the Month, and am so happy that I did. I never saw any of the twists and turns coming, and if you’re seriously into thrillers, this one will NOT disappoint you! I’ve already read it, and you can read my review HERE. Also, I was pleasantly surprised to find that, although it’s written by two authors, the writing was seamlessly done.

A Book About or Involving Sports

Off Balance

I have always loved watching gymnastics during the Summer Olympics. The first one I can remember was the year of the Magnificent Seven, and Dominique Moceanu was my favorite gymnast of them all. I want to say that I’ve already read this book, but I would be super happy to read it again. Her story is inspiring and she has achieved such greatness as a gymnast and a woman.


A Book By a Local Author

The Last Time I Lied

Riley Sager brought us Final Girls, a book I read last October and fell in love with (if one could love creepy, serial killer novels). I’ve already stalked him on social media and discovered he lives in Princeton, which is about an hour south of me! His new release, The Last Time I Lied, is expected to come out in July, and I’m already on the lookout for it!



And that’s part two! You can click here for my first set of ten and stay tuned for the last two sets of ten! If you’d like to check out my progress, just click the link in the menu bar called POPSUGAR Reading Challenge. Plus, if you have any suggestions for books with an LGBTQ+ protagonist, they would be wonderfully appreciated!

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  1. Some potential ideas for the LGBTQ: The Song of Achilles, Picture of Dorian Gray, or The Miseducation of Cameron Post. I’m loving these posts! Look forward to seeing your progress with this challenge!

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