Happy Saturday! Why I’ve Been MIA For Almost A Week

Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday! I just wanted to check in with you all to say I’m sorry for my extended absence. It’s not like me to not be posting and sharing, but I came down with the flu last weekend and this week was an absolute mess for me. I barely ate, slept, or even read any books. So I don’t have a book review for you tomorrow, either.


I wouldn’t want to wish what I went through on anyone. It was awful. I was drugged up most days this week and can’t recall certain things I might have done. Like, somehow I made a cup of tea and don’t remember doing it. I could have BURNED MYSELF TO DEATH! Seriously, the flu is a silent killer, and I thank God every day that I survived it. I don’t know how I did.

Sick Meme

January hasn’t been the best month for me so far, at least reading-wise. Hopefully I’ll finish up my current read and have it reviewed and ready to go during the week. I’m really disappointed because I had so many great post ideas that I wanted to get to by this weekend. But now everything is going to have to get pushed back and I’m struggling to keep up with the busy blogging schedule I planned for myself.┬áObviously, sickness can’t be helped and I’ll absolutely make do with what I can. I’m hoping to be back up and running in full working order by the first weekend in February.

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One Good Thing Came Out of This Week…

So I’m pretty sure one of my pins for A Reader’s Journey went viral. I’ve been getting hundreds upon hundreds of hits a day to ONE of my blog posts, and it hasn’t slowed down a bit. I mean, I know everyone says Pinterest will pick up massive amounts of hits to your blog a day, but I never expected it to happen literally overnight. IT’S INSANE! And the blog post in question isn’t even that spectacular, at least in my opinion. Anyway, I got loads of new viewers just from that post alone and I’m okay with that. Thanks, guys!

And thank you so much for sticking around with me despite my lack of activity here and I’ll write again soon!

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  1. I am so sorry that you were ill last week! I have been hearing bad things about the flu this year, I guess you would agree with their assessment! Congrats on the hits! I only pin my recipes so that probably explains my lack of hits ­čÖé

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