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Force of Nature by Jane Harper (Aaron Falk #2): A Book Review

Force of Nature

Title: Force of Nature (Aaron Falk #2)
Author: Jane Harper
Publish Date: February 6, 2018
Genre: Crime/Thriller
Obtained: Goodreads Giveaway

Synopsis: Aaron Falk is back, this time investigating the disappearance of a woman who disappeared in the wilderness while on a retreat with a handful of coworkers. Five women entered the bush and only four walked out. The search is on, and Falk is feeling the pressure to find her.

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It took me almost a full week to get through this relatively short book. I’ve been in such a mood these past few weeks, though, that it’s been difficult to get into reading. So I don’t want to blame the book that I struggled through it. I’ve been so distracted. I also had this same trouble with The Dry, but once I got to the halfway point I was hooked and couldn’t stop reading!

Force of Nature: A Novel
The beginning starts off slow for me. We meet up with Aaron Falk about six months after the events in The Dry, and throughout the novel there is some mention of people and places in The Dry plot line. I liked that the author made mention of it, but I’m also glad that the narrative in Force of Nature didn’t rely so heavily on reading The Dry. It could almost be its own standalone novel.

My Thoughts

Force of Nature also has the same setup as The Dry. The first half of the chapter features events after a woman, Alice, goes missing while on a work retreat in the Australian wilderness. The second half of each chapter gives us an inside look from multiple perspectives as to what may have happened to her throughout the weekend.

The Investigation

Aaron Falk has been working with a new partner trying to gain access to documents to a corrupt company. Alice, the woman who disappeared, was their contact inside that company. Therefore, it’s imperative that Falk gets involved in the investigation of Alice’s disappearance before someone catches onto what the Finance Police are doing.

The most obvious theory is that Alice was murdered by the company’s CEO, who was part of another group of company employees on the retreat. There are other theories that come up throughout the narrative, which always threw off my guesses.

The Weekend Retreat

I was seriously thrown off by the setup of the chapters. The beginning of each chapter was fine, but then it switched over to the weekend while the girls were hiking. There was no indication of whose point of view we were reading, and since there were four women hikers (not including Alice), it took some time trying to get used to who was who. I found myself really confused by these parts of the chapters.


Overall, I did enjoy Force of Nature and I found myself really wanting to know what happened to Alice. There were just some aspects of how it was written that I wasn’t overly fond of. These kinks were also present in The Dry, but the fact that there were so many characters to keep track of in Force of Nature made it worse. I definitely recommend this based on the narrative, but tread lightly if you get confused easily.


3 and Half Star Rating

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