I’m Intimidated by Big Books (And I Cannot Lie): A Discussion

Big Books

Butts Meme

Sorry for the Sir Mix-a-lot reference. I just can’t help myself! Now that I got that out of my system, onto the big books discussion…

Are You Intimidated by Big Books?

Big Books

Do big books make you nervous?? I recently finished The Revolution of Marina M. by Janet Fitch and, although I loved it immensely, it was a little intimidating at 800 pages. Now, in retrospect, 800 pages isn’t the longest book I’ve ever attempted reading. But it’s still longer than the average book. It took me quite awhile to get through Marina M. and it’s not because it wasn’t an amazing story. I loved everything about it, and when I got around to picking it up, I was immediately whisked away into the life and experiences of the protagonist, Marina.

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It was the fact that the book was JUST. SO. BIG. Like, massive. While reading it in bed, I had trouble holding it up, especially when I was nearer either the beginning or the end. I always had to lay it in my lap, which made me strain my neck. It stared me down at all hours of the day, and since I carry my current read with me everywhere, my bag was very heavy to lug around. (I know… first world problems, am I right?) I feel like I have this problem with big books over 400 pages.

For my November TBR, I put both Marina M. and Sleeping Beauties on my list to read this past month. Unbeknownst to me, I didn’t really think about both of these books being extremely long. Sleeping Beauties clocks in at 702 pages, and now I’m afraid to pick it up. I love the premise of the story, and I can’t wait to get to it. But my experience with Marina M. has me a little daunted. At least with Marina M., the story really pulled me in, but will Sleeping Beauties be the same?

Big Books

I keep pushing Sleeping Beauties back on my TBR, making choices based on the amount of books I can read in a month and what I’m most interested in reading. I’m definitely not usually a speed reader! What I’m most afraid of is completely shelving Sleeping Beauties and never getting around to it. All because I’m afraid of big books!

I remember the first time I read the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy. Obviously, if you split the books up (since there are three), it doesn’t seem that long. But, altogether, the trilogy is over 1200 pages! I first read the entire trilogy when I was about 15, and I still remember how intimidating it was for me. I managed to finish the whole thing in about a month, which isn’t great. But for teenage me that is definitely not bad! And the story is utterly amazing, so I can’t complain in that department.


So my question to you is: what big books intimidated you the most? Did you finally get around to them, or are they just collecting dust on your shelf? If you DID read them, how was the experience overall? Chime in below!

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17 thoughts on “I’m Intimidated by Big Books (And I Cannot Lie): A Discussion

  1. They scare me! Lol. For me I have to really psyche myself up to commit. That book and I are going to be together for more than a week, maybe 2 or 3 depending on what’s going on. I like to be in and out of a story in a 3-4 days, one week max. That said some of the long books make for great sagas that are well worth the time invested. At almost 900 pages, James A Michener’s Caribbean was one of my favourite reads.

    1. Yes! It’s a long time to commit to a big book, and I have to plan the time for it as well. I’m just afraid to commit the time to a long book that I’m afraid I won’t enjoy!

  2. I finally made myself read A Game of Thrones after months of putting it off. I’m scared of big books because I don’t have the longest attention span. If something takes me longer than 3 days to read, I start getting bored with it.

  3. I understand why long books can be scary/intimidating… in my case there is the very real possibility that, if I take too long to read a book, I’ll lose interest and start forgetting plot/characters… so when committing to a longer book, I make sure that I’ll have enough free time not to take more than a few weeks to read it, otherwise either I won’t finish or it’ll get me into a reading slump for sure!

    Interesting topic! 🙂

  4. They never scare me because the bigger the better LOL Honestly it’s the quality of the writing that draws me in 😉

  5. I get excited by the idea of diving into long books. The average book I read tends to be in the 400-500 page range, and a good number of books I have seem to fall in the 800-1200 page range. I just love being able to delve so deeply into a world and the characters. It means a longer escape from the world.

  6. I’m daunted by 600 page books to be honest… I can read two shorter books at that number… and it just seems like I’m taking forever… it wouldn’t be so bad but almost always the book could have been tightened, there is duplication happening and the pacing is slow. I actually don’t mind when a series adds up to a long page count because you’re getting separate character arcs (if it’s a good series) so there is depth there to hold the page number.

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