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November Wrap-Up

I want to start off by saying this wasn’t my best reading month. I didn’t get to that many books, especially the ones I really wanted to. But in my defense, one of the books I read this month was 800 PAGES LONG so cut me some slack. I’ll do better next month. I promise. So here is my official November Wrap-Up. Some of these I reviewed this month, so click on the links to see my thoughts!

I Am Watching You by Teresa Driscoll

I Am Watching You

I got this book for free as my Amazon First pick in September, and I finally got around to reading it. It was a really good read! It was spooky and very well connected, and an overall great thriller.

Assassin Marked by Michael C. Sahd

Assassin Marked

This was a short story request by the author, so instead of doing a full review post, I thought I’d just do a mini-review here.

This was a relatively short story. I read it in just under an hour. It was well written and the chapters flip flopped between an assassin, Damian, and his female captain, Victoria. It’s set in the future, and the author is extremely descriptive throughout the story. It was easy to imagine being in it.

My only qualm is that it ends very suddenly, but this is good in that it remains open for a sequel to further the story. Since it’s only seven chapters, there is room for more growth and it could become a series. As for me, I don’t like cliffhangers since now I have to WAIT to see what happens, but that’s okay.

If you’re into futuristic scifi, this is a good story to check out. As I said, it’s short and won’t take long to read through.

Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan

Manhattan Beach

This was my October Book of the Month pick. I enjoyed the story and the fact that it was historical fiction, but I really didn’t understand the point of it. The atmosphere of it was great, though.

The Other Alcott by Elise Hooper

The Other Alcott

This was a knockout novel for me! It had such a Little Women vibe, and I loved reading about the birth of abstract art and expressionism in Europe. I’m an art lover and Little Women lover, so this was a no-brainer for me.

Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

Murder Orient Express

This was my first Agatha Christie experience and I rather enjoyed it. I got to read it before I saw the movie, which is an achievement for me, so I got to compare the two!

Lie To Me by J.T. Ellison

Lie To Me

What an awesome thriller! I read it with Salt Water Reads on Instagram and I’m so glad I did. If you’re into domestic-style thrillers, you definitely need to check this book out!

The Revolution of Marina M. by Janet Fitch

The Revolution of Marina M.

If you read one book this year, let this be it. It’s a stunner, and I am still in awe at Janet Fitch’s ability to bring us strong, powerful women and their experiences. My full review will be up on Sunday!

Pigeon-Blood Red by Ed Duncan

Pigeon Blood Red

I’m technically counting this book because I’m literally 50 PAGES TO THE END! Which means i’ll be finishing it up tonight. So far I’m enjoying it, but it didn’t really grab onto me in the beginning. We’ll see how I like it!


That’s all folks! When you look at the list as a whole, it’s not a bad group of books. Three out of seven of these books were five stars, which is amazing! I picked some really good books, and I’m really looking forward to starting my December reads! Thanks for reading!!

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