It's Monday: What Am I Reading?, Memes

It’s Monday: What Am I Reading?

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Happy Monday everyone! Ugh, another weekend has passed me by, and I spent most of it sick as a dog! I just can’t shake this head cold of mine. I’ve been eating nothing but soup and drinking nothing but tea (and the occasional coffee, of course!) That being said, I managed to accomplish some reading and did lots of work on my blog, so all was not in vain. This week, I’m hoping to get off my behind and do something productive and fun! The boyfriend is still away, now in St. Thomas. He’s making the most of his mini-vacation while I’m here piling on blankets in the freezing cold weather!

“It’s Monday: What Are You Reading?” is a weekly meme hosted by Kathryn at BookDate where bloggers can share what they’ve read, are currently reading, and will be reading. I love doing this meme, as it gives me the chance to show off the awesome books I’m reading! Here we go!


It’s Monday: What I’ve Read

Manhattan Beach It's Monday What Am I Reading The Other Alcott It's Monday What Am I Reading
This past week, I’ve read a total of only two books! In my defense, one of them was over 500 pages and wasn’t a very fascinating read. I expected Manhattan Beach to be better than it was, although I enjoyed the story. I just didn’t understand the point of it. The fact that it takes place during WWII and features a woman becoming the first female diver really helped me enjoy it, but I just didn’t LOVE it. The Other Alcott, on the other hand, was AMAZING! I loved so much reading about the life of May Alcott, sister to Louisa May Alcott of Little Women fame. As an artist, I can appreciate the author’s wonderful descriptions of the strategies and executions of art. This book is one of the best I’ve read this year!

*In other news, I posted a photo on Saturday of my borrowed copy of The Other Alcott on Instagram, and it got a repost from the author, Elise Hooper! This literally made me fangirl like crazy and I couldn’t stop smiling all day! I love being able to connect with great authors on social media!! Check out my Instagram while you’re at it.*

It’s Monday: What I’m Currently Reading

Murder on the Orient Express Thumbnail

I’ve never read anything by Agatha Christie (I know, I know) so I wanted to jump on the bandwagon before I see the movie soon! So far I’m enjoying it, but I haven’t gotten far enough to really take a guess as to whodunnit!

It’s Monday: What I Plan to Read Next

Lie To Me It's Monday What Am I Reading Pigeon Blood Red It's Monday What Am I Reading Bonfire
Lie To Me is next on my to-read list, as it just came in at the library and is waiting for me. I wanted to add it to my November TBR because it was chosen for November by Salt Water Reads on Instagram. Every book they’ve chosen so far has been excellent, and I didn’t want to miss the chance of reading with them! Pigeon Blood Red was sent to me by the author for a review. It’s the start of a crime series, and it seems like a great read! I was able to grab Bonfire at NYCC in October. It was released last week, so I’m glad for the chance to read an advanced copy!


And that’s it! This weekly meme really helps me get focused for a week of reading. I can organize my TBR stack and can stick to my choices. So, what are YOU reading? Tell me below!

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11 thoughts on “It’s Monday: What Am I Reading?

  1. Hope you feel better soon. I’m interested in Pigeon Blood Red and will be eager to hear what you think about it. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  2. Hope you are feeling much better Alyssa. Get some eucalyptus oil and rub into the soles of your feet morning and night. Sounds strange but I swear by it. If your head is all stuffed up put a few drops on a tissue and tuck it in your bra. Get well soon.

  3. I completely agree with you about Manhattan Beach! I think I wanted it to be much better than it was. It took me so long to finish too, and I have been putting off writing the review because I am just not sure what to say!

    I hope you feel better soon though!

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