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Halloween Illustrations

Happy Halloween!!

Jack Skellington Halloween

This is, by far, my favorite holiday!! So I wanted to make sure I posted today and wished you all a happy and SAFE Halloween! Here is a list of all the Halloween-themed posts I did this month (just in case you missed them!)

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I also read a BUNCH of creepy reads this month, and many of my reviews are posted! Here are a few of my favorites:

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Dripping Bloog

I’ve mentioned that, while reading a huge part of my life, art is just as important to me. For as long as I can remember, I have loved to draw, paint, sketch, pretty much anything creative. I have a mind full of inspiration and creativity that I HAVE to let out every chance that I get. So I decided, this Halloween, that my inspiration would come in the form of illustrations of my favorite Halloween-themed couples!

Gomez and Morticia Addams

Addams Family Halloween Illustrations

Gomez and Morticia Addams are probably my favorite fictional parents. The family itself is strange, but there’s something about their love for their children that I completely admire. Morticia and Gomez are very much in love with each other, which is sometimes odd for parents after having children. They are so supportive of Wednesday and Pugsley, letting them be themselves and do what they love (as long as it involves some sort of murder and mayhem…)

Barbara and Adam Maitland

Beetlejuice Halloween Illustrations

Barbara and Adam Maitland (in case you didn’t know) are the couple from Beetlejuice whose unfortunate accident leads them to spend eternity together in their house with whoever decides to move in after their deaths. As it turns out, their new roommates are an odd city couple looking to get some rest and relaxation in the country. Their daughter, Lydia, is (as she states) “strange and unusual,” so she can see the Maitlands from the start. Barbara and Adam try to scare this new family out of their house, but that backfires and, in the end, decide to coexist with them instead. They grew so attached to Lydia that they didn’t want to do anything that would hurt her. I love these two so much! They’re so much fun to watch throughout the movie, so that inspired me to include them in my Halloween illustrations!

Jack Skellington and Sally Ragdoll

Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Illustrations

These two are a bit of a conundrum. Sally spends the entire movie hoping to get with Jack, her true love, but he is ignorant of her advances throughout the film until the very end, when all of his hard work backfire and leaves him in a slump. Now, I also feel that they’re not the perfect couple, but I couldn’t help but include them in my Halloween Illustrations. This movie OBVIOUSLY screams Halloween more so than most, so it was a no-brainer. Despite what you may feel about them, they make a cute couple!

Dripping Bloog

I hope you enjoy my work!¬†Each one of these took about 5 hours in total to create, and at times I wanted to give up because I found parts of them to be so difficult. They are ALL done by hand and the images have been edited only the smallest bit since I had to take pictures of them. The paper size was too big for my scanner! Feel free to share them if you’d like, as long as you credit me. I’m interested in your opinion, so comment below! It was hard thinking of great Halloween-themed couples to include. Are there any other couples you can think of that I could have done as well?¬†

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