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Another Mini Book Haul

I’ve done it again! In my grief (more like boredom…) I’ve gone and bought books that I don’t need. I already have a massive pile of books to get to, but I just couldn’t help myself! If you own a Kindle, Amazon is celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the Kindle and is reducing prices of various Kindle Bestsellers. I only bought two, but I forgot my Kindle First selection for October so I got three new books! Here they are, and check out the list of discounted books if you’re interested! Also, click on the photos to be led to each Amazon page.


The Radium Girls The Miracle of Dunkirk The Unremembered Girl

#1 The Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America’s Shining Women by Kate Moore

I originally saw a review of this book on Ami’s blog luvtoread and have considered buying it at some point. Then I saw it on the discounted list and knew it was meant to be! It’s about a group of women working in a radium factory, believing their managers about the health benefits of working with pure radium. Obviously, we now know the truth. They experience terrible illnesses and decide to fight back against those who don’t care about their working conditions. It’s a great historical fiction novel, written about a time when worker’s rights were just being born. I love when women decide to fight back, and the fact this is based on actual truth is amazing!
Price: $2.99

#2 The Miracle of Dunkirk: The True Story of Operation Dynamo by Walter Lord

Another historical book to add to my list! The story of Dunkirk has always fascinated me, and the movie did a fantastic job of portraying it. But I’m hoping this book will shed more light on the miracle at Dunkirk during World War II. It has been described as a history book that reads like a novel, and all the reviews say it’s much better than the movie. Obviously that means I have to find out for myself!
Price: $2.13

#3 The Unremembered Girl: A Novel by Eliza Maxwell

This was my choice for Kindle First for October. Compared to the other five options, this one had the best synopsis. It’s about a feral girl who lives alone in the woods and obsesses over a family living near her. The family struggles to pay bills, choosing to manufacture moonshine to get by. But then their two worlds collide, and the young son has to make a choice between saving this girl that he has an intense connection with, or protecting his family from her obsession. Sound interesting? I thought so too!
Price: Free!! (If you have Amazon Prime, you are entitled to a free pre-release book each month!)


And there you have it! I’ll be organizing my TBR pile by the end of this week and posting up a November TBR. I seemed to manage my October TBR really well since I kept it nice and organized. I plan on doing that for every month from now on. Are you planning on checking out Amazon’s Kindle Book Deals today??

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4 thoughts on “Another Mini Book Haul

  1. I just finished The Radium Girls a few weeks ago, and I’ve got the review scheduled to be published sometime in December, I think. It’s a wonderful book, and the descriptions of what happens to the girls will make you just recoil in horror. (In Kindle, only like 70% of the book is the actual book; the remaining 30% is archives and index and stuff like that).

    1. I read it was a difficult read. Despite that, I’m excited to dive in! I did take a quick look at the content in the back and I like that they added all the photos. I’ll look for your review!

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