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Final Girls by Riley Sager: A Book Review

Final Girls Graphic

Title: Final Girls
Author: Riley Sager
Published: July 11, 2017
Genre: Thriller, Horror
Obtained: Public Library

Synopsis: Quincy Carpenter took a weekend getaway with a few friends and came back alone after a murder spree left five of her friends dead. From then on, she becomes part of a club called the Final Girls, one of three members. Ten years later, she thinks she’s finally gotten her life together, coming to terms with her past. Then, her fellow Final Girl, Lisa, ends up dead, and Sam, the other Final Girl, shows up on Quincy’s doorstep. The events that follow change Quincy’s life and force her to dredge up memories that she has tried so hard to keep hidden.

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I have three words for you: Oh. My. God! Final Girls had me hooked from the TITLE, let alone the first page. I’ve always loved a good horror movie, and the idea of the Final Girl is usually a major theme in slasher flicks. I loved that Riley Sager took that idea and gave it a place in a real-world setting.

The Three Final Girls

Obviously, as the narrator of the story, we really get to know Quincy Carpenter the best. Her friends were all slaughtered by an escaped mental patient at Pine Cottage in the Poconos. She was the only survivor, and her life ten years later makes you think she’s either completely over her ordeal or hasn’t come to terms with it. Life is too perfect for her. Perfect job, perfect boyfriend, perfect NYC apartment. These are signs that she’s covering something up, making us all believe that she’s moved on but hasn’t.

Samantha Boyd went up against a psychopath known as the Sack Man while working as a maid at the Nightlight Inn. She managed to survive and brought down her attacker. Her life is far from perfect. She’s pretty much dropped off the face of the planet, refusing to speak about her ordeal or meet the other two Final Girls. Until she shows up at Quincy’s door after Lisa’s death. She’s a bit rough around the edges, clearly trying to rile Quincy up and get her to break from her normal life by getting angry for her circumstances.

Lisa we really don’t get to meet, but we get a good understanding of her lifestyle. Rather than run and hide like Samantha or put on a front like Quincy, she embraces her status as a Final Girl. She chooses to help other girls with tragedy and disaster, becoming a very outgoing, trusting person. She is the one that connects with Quincy and Samantha, trying to bring them closer together in their healing.


You guys, the ending!! There are no words! The ending shifts the entire story from one side to another, immediately switching your allegiances. It was COMPLETELY unexpected as Quincy finally recovers her memories of the Pine Cottage murders and a revelation is made. I must admit that my thoughts went in a completely different direction, as I assume the author wanted. But nothing will prepare you for what happens!


Seriously, give Final Girls a shot. It’s the perfect read for Halloween, and it can be a bit graphic at times (so beware if you’re super squeamish). I’m a horror movie fanatic, and I love movies featuring Final Girls, so this was right up my alley. I recommend it for EVERYONE!

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Memorable Quote: “‘I’m talking about life. The world. It’s full of misfortune and unfairness and women like us getting hurt by men who should know better. And very few people actually give a shit. Even fewer of us actually get angry and take action.’”

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