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I’m new to blogging (I’ve been blogging for a little less than a month now) but I couldn’t be more thrilled about getting started! At times, I feel absolutely daunted by the task of sharing my thoughts on the world-wide web. But I’m seriously trying to overcome this fear and really dive in head first. I know there’s an About Me page on this site, but going a little more in-depth never hurt anyone! So I thought a post about THE GIRL BEHIND THE BLOG would really help in that aspect, and it would allow everyone else a chance to understand me better! (Bear with me; I’m still trying to find my voice here.)

1. The Girl Behind the Blog: The Basics

  • I’m just a girl (ahem… No Doubt’s best song ever!) looking for a way to spend her free time positively.
  • I’m fun. I’m silly. I love to make people laugh. It’s important to never take myself too seriously.
  • I just turned 30. And I’m not married. And I have no kids. Which doesn’t make for interesting conversation at HS reunions. (Holler to all the others out there like me!!)
  • I’m not married, but I’m not single either. I have an extraordinary BF who has the greatest GF ever!! <3
  • I live in a house with 4 other male roommates. Is that weird?? It’s ok though. MOST of us are BFFS!
  • I am the oldest of 5 siblings: 2 brothers from my mom and stepdad and 1 brother and sister from my dad and stepmom. (I have a large, complicated family tree…)
  • I am an INFJ on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.
  • I’m a full-time preschool teacher and a freelance designer, but I’m hoping to be a full-time designer someday.

2. The Girl Behind the Blog: My Favorites

  • Halloween is my all-time favorite holiday!
  • Horror movies are my life. Even the ones that are bad. Really, really bad…
  • Books. Books. BOOKS. And more books… I love all things books!
  • I watch SOOO many TV shows that I use an app to track them all. I’m a TV show hoarder. Seriously. I have a problem.
  • PURPLE is my favorite color. I don’t know why. It always has been and always will be.

3. The Girl Behind the Blog: This VS That

  • “Cawfee” beats Tea (Pardon my Jersey accent…)
  • Summer beats Winter
  • NY Giants beat NY Jets (both in my favorites and in ANY game they would play)
  • Dogs beat Cats (I’ve always had cats. Never dogs. I’d like one!)
  • Pepsi beats Coke (I don’t care what you say. They taste different.)
  • Star Wars beats Star Trek (Princess Leia is literally my hero!)
  • Batman beats Superman (Any day of the week…Na na na na na na na na BATMAN!!!)
  • Roller Coasters beat Ferris Wheels
  • Oreos beat Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Bagels beat muffins
  • Chocolate beats Vanilla (Ok. I think I’m hungry now.)

4. The Girl Behind the Blog: Social Media Preferences

  • Facebook: Love (I save those awesome recipes all the time!)
  • Twitter: Hate (Never liked it. I only have an account for my blog.)
  • Instagram: Love (I could take pics all day long!!!)
  • Snapchat: Love (I’m obsessed with watching my own story…)
  • Pinterest: Hate (Actually, I love it. I hate how much time I waste on it, though!)


I had a lot of fun thinking up these lists, and I hope we have some stuff in common! Let me know in the comments and I will be back soon with more book reviews!

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