It's Monday: What Am I Reading?, Memes

It’s Monday: What Am I Reading?

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Happy Monday everyone! This is a weekly event currently hosted by Book Date and I wanted to participate in my first ever meme! This post will feature what I’ve read this past week, what I’m currently reading, and what I hope to read this week.

This past week was busy for me. I went away for a long weekend from Wednesday to yesterday to Wildwood, NJ, so I didn’t get too much reading done. But I did pick up a nice pile of books to get through!

Here is what I read this past week:

Watch Me Disappear book cover

I managed to finish this book just before I left for my vacation, and I thought it was a really great, well-written thriller with a touch of mystery to it. This book was difficult for me to start because I was in a bit of a slump reading-wise. I don’t blame the book itself. I blame my ‘readers block.’ I really enjoyed it, though! Review coming soon!

emma in the night which book to read first

I absolutely LOVED this book! I started it the first full day of my vacation and managed to finish it by Saturday, and I was absolutely not disappointed. What a great thriller! I loved the different points of view that Walker offered, making me see multiple sides of the characters. Review coming soon!

Here is what I’m currently reading:

Magpie Murders which book to read first

I started this book on Sunday, and I just wish I had more time to plow through it! I was hooked from the first page. It’s set up as a novel within a novel, which I find extremely interesting. It brings the reader back to the crime novels of the early ’50s, and I’m really excited to get further into it!

Here is what I’m hoping to read this week:

See What I Have Done book cover

This book has caused quite a stir all over the internet, and I saw it was available at my library, so I quickly picked it up before someone else could! It’s a fictional telling of the Lizzie Borden murders, which is a period of history that I find fascinating. I love that this could be both thriller and historical fiction, which are two of my favorite genres. I can’t wait to start!

What have you been reading this past week? What are you most excited to read in the future? Let me know!

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  1. I’ve seen several different takes on the Lizzie Borden murders, so I guess it’s popular recently! I read a horror version on Maplecroft, and I have a NF take on my TBR pile from the Cybils nonfiction finalist list. Looks like you had a good week of reading!

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